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The Proper Bite


Aside from application of veneers, dentists in Los Angeles such as Dr. Mansour Zakhor want their patients to achieve occlusion or proper bite. Nowadays, there are over 3 million North American teenagers who are wearing braces. After a careful inspection of the position of the teeth, dentists classify the condition accordingly to carry out the plan of action. Malocclusion or misalignment of teeth can be classified under three categories: Class I, Class II, Class III. Under the first class category, crowding and spacing of teeth are present. The lower molar moves towards the back and not aligned with the upper molar under the Class II classification. It is called “over bite”. Under the Class III, the lower molar is closer to the front of the mouth. The lower jaw moves forward. It is also known as “under bite.”


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There are two choices to choose from in order to align the teeth: the traditional metal braces or Invisalign. Both of them truly deliver when it comes to straightening the teeth. Results have shown that the benefits of Invisalign outweigh the benefits of using metal brackets and wires. Dr. Mansour Zakhor supports Invisalign more than the traditional braces. First of all, with Invisalign, wearers can remove the clear aligners whenever they want to eat; unlike in braces, people are limited to eat certain food. It takes so much time to clean metal brackets. Wearers can perform oral care with ease and comfort with Invisalign. While wearing metal braces and wires may affect your smile, Invisalign aligners are clear and not obvious. Braces can poke the mouth, which can cause possible wound, sore and infection. Invisalign has very small chance of causing wounds. We also believe that braces are for individuals at a certain age. It does not attract the adult population. On the other hand, Invisalign caters to all age groups due to its transparent aligners.

Invisalign Before Veneers?


Come to think of it, both Invisalign and Veneers can straighten the teeth and can truly deliver long-lasting results; however, numerous cosmetic dentists in Westwood would place more priority on teeth alignment or occlusion, which means Invisalign or braces first before veneers. Remember, veneers do not change the occlusion. Therefore, dentists prefer teeth alignment due to less teeth preparation when the time comes for veneers. Therefore, it is costly to do adjustments by doing the veneer first before teeth alignment.To achieve a smile similar to what Hollywood celebrities have, Dr . Zakhor of Zakhor dental group recommends to do both Invisalign and veneers. Invisalign straightens the teeth, while veneers provide patients with the shape, size and color of their choice. People have been raving about the brand promise of Invisalign and veneers. With these treatments, people become more positive and more excited about leading their lives. Dr. Zakhor says, “Invisalign and veneers are investments that can be life-changing.” Many thank him for giving them a brand new confidence that outweighs the financial investment. Enhancing one’s teeth is a major decision that is worth taking.








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