Veneers VS Teeth Whitening

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Veneers VS Teeth Whitening

All of us want to achieve pearly, white teeth. Yet, we still stain our teeth due to many reasons. Our lifestyle is one contributing factor. We love to smoke tobacco, drink alcohol and wine, buy our daily dose of Starbucks coffee, gulp our fat-burning green tea after a meal, and sip our soda to go with our burger. Certain food changes the color of our enamel as well. The solution is to restore the color of our teeth or make them whiter. We have many topnotch cosmetic and emergency dentists in Los Angeles. Yet, we are still misinformed about the many teeth whitening treatments out there. There are people who opt for the teeth whitening and bleaching method versus the application of veneers. Dr. Mansour Zakhor, a cosmetic and emergency dentist who provides application of veneers in Los Angeles, still recommends veneers over other teeth whitening products.veneers in los ángeles dr zakhor

Veneers have the upper hand

There are plenty of teeth whitening options out there in the market. One popular treatment is the home whitening treatment. Whitening strips have received numerous positive reviews from the public due to its safety, cost and effectiveness. One company boasts that using the strips can remove more than a decade of stains and can last for up to a year with an average cost of $45. On the other hand, one-time application of veneers can take up to 15 years to last and the average cost is $1000 per tooth. Dr. Mansour Zakhor, the great cosmetic and emergency dentist in  Los Angeles, offers financing. Once approved, Carecredit lets someone choose a payment plan program the gives the financial convenience to get the procedures done right away. Fine, the home teeth whitening wins when it comes to cost, but the veneers still have the upper hand. For one thing, home teeth whitening can only change the color of the teeth, while veneers can change the color, the shape and the size of teeth. Home teeth whitening cannot cover the fillings and other materials that restore teeth. These cannot cover chipped teeth and cannot improve misaligned teeth like veneers do. In addition, home teeth whitening causes tooth sensitivity. Application of veneers requires little to no anesthesia. In teeth whitening and bleaching treatments, teeth can stain at a normal rate depending on the lifestyle of the person. Porcelain veneers wearers can notice stain between 10 and 15 years. Therefore, the repeat treatments are greater when choosing home teeth whitening and professional treatments than application of composite or porcelain veneers. Moreover, these whitening strips contain hydrogen peroxide that can increase the risk of activating cancer cells.

Veneers for my smile, veneers for my character

Let us clarify the misconceptions about wearing veneers once and for all. It is not painful as some would state; it requires little or no anesthesia. One can experience minimal sensitivity as well. One cannot achieve the color he or she intends to aim. By communicating with dentists, one can achieve the look that he or she wants.Working with a Talented cosmetic and emergency dentists such as Dr. Mansour Zakhor will help guide you along the way once you choose to wear this product that not only can improve your smile, but also can develop your confidence. Now that is priceless.

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