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Veneers Today

Veneers, in this day and age, are alternative to dental crowns and even teeth whitening procedures in many situations. They offer a much conservative approach to changing a tooth’s appearance. veneers can transform various undesirable appearances–teeth stained by tetracycline, damages due to an injury,root-canal procedure, and even gaps between teeth. They are perfect for front teeth with discolored dental fillings. When properly bonded, veneers have proven to be long-lasting. What happens during the procedure?There are three stages in performing the procedure: assessment and treatment planning, preparation,and bonding.

During the diagnosis and treatment planning, patients have the liberty in designing the smile. Devoting time in the planning of the smile, clarifying the scope and limitations of the procedure, and having frequent consultations will aid the dentist understand clearly the patient’s goals.In the preparation stage, a small portion of the tooth will be buffed and removed to make some allowance for the added thickness of the veneer. There are two types of veneers: composite resin veneers and ceramic veneers. Composite resin veneers can take only a day to be bonded and shaped onto the teeth. For ceramic veneers, it is a requirement to have a mold of the teeth because it needs to be sent to a laboratory for the creation of the veneers.

Before the dental bonding stage, the dentist places each veneers on each tooth to assess the fit, and observe the quality of the shade or color. Patients can observe the results of veneers placed on each tooth before it will be bonded. Patients can still communicate with the dentist to make the necessary adjustments in terms of the color of the veneers and the shade of the cement to be used. If everything is approved, veneers can be applied by cleansing the tooth with certain chemicals to achieve a bond. Then, a special cement is applied between the veneers and the tooth. To seal it permanently, a light beam is used to harden the cement. At this point, the color cannot be altered after veneers are cemented. If the teeth are too unsightly, a temporary veneer can be placed, at an additional cost.

Maintaning Veneers 

It is normal for patients to undergo a period of adjustment as they get used to the “new” teeth that have changed in size and shape. Like taking care of our natural teeth, brushing and flossing everyday are the necessary requirements to maintain the quality of veneers. Patients must not miss the follow-up appointment set by the dentist a week or two after the procedure. 

What are realistic expectations? Patients should not view and treat dental veneers as their new set of natural teeth. There might be observable slight variations in the color of veneers, as this appears even in natural teeth. Nevertheless, this breakthrough has been able to touch people’s lives by improving the smile and boosting one’s confidence. Located in the cosmetic dental areas of Los Angeles, Zakhoor Dental is among the trusted in the cosmetic dental industry. Aside from veneers, we offer dental services such as cosmetic inlays, dental bridges, laser gum treatment, dental implants and fillings, Invisalign, wisdom tooth extraction and root canal procedure.

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