Dentists Do alot More Than just Veneers.

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Veneers A’rent The Only Thing Dentists Do.

For many, dentists only treat patients with problems with their teeth by performing procedures such as veneers, crowns, implants and braces. Dentists are not just limited to teeth and gum disease. They also perform creative solutions to certain diseases using the latest innovation. Cosmetic and emergency dentists especially in Los Angeles keep abreast of the latest breakthrough. And Dr. Mansour Zakhor is part of the shakers and movers in the dental industry. Aside from being an expert in applying veneers in Los Angeles, this cosmetic and emergency dentist to the stars, is up-to-date and current about the latest innovation, cosmetic procedures and recent technological developments in dentistry. One of the promising breakthroughs in innovation is the mandibular advancement splint inserted into the mouth. This latest invention was made to address the growing population suffering from that funny sound during sleep.

Dr Zakhor Los Angeles Dentist                                             Snoring Is No Laughing Matter

People think snoring is just a laughing matter. According to the Los Angeles Sleep Foundation, there are approximately 90 million Americans suffering from this type of condition. Yes, it is a disease. Well, snoring should not be taken for granted, for it is an indicator or a sign of something deeper. People who are obese and part of the male population possess the high probability of having this condition. During snoring, the muscle of the throat relaxes and becomes narrow, and the tongue falls backward. Then, the walls of the throat vibrate that creates the snoring sound. Sometimes, some people stop breathing during sleep or breathing pauses. This is due to the throat muscle collapsing making the body fight for air due to blockage in the air passage—a condition we call sleep apnea. If not treated, sleep apnea can lead to many serious conditions such as hypertension, clinical depression, obesity, stroke, and even death.

                                                    Can Dr. Zakhor Treat Snoring and Sleep Apnea?

Due to the latest and state-of-the-art dental technologies, many sleep apnea sufferers have alternatives aside from the traditional CPAP machines. Dr. Mansour Zakhor, who owns a Westwood dental clinic in the heart of Los Angeles, saves lives by treating sleep apnea patients using dental treatments. He utilizes mandibular advancement splint, which makes the jaw move forward and causing the tongue to advance. By doing these, airway passage becomes better. Many people consider cheaper alternatives of these splints at the expense of the effectiveness of the splints. Dr. Mansour Zakhor encourages sleep apnea patients to come and visit his office in order for him to create a customized splint. In that way, Dr. Zakhor can make the right fit so that sufferers will be able to sleep with ease and comfort. Truly, Dr. Zakhor is not just a cosmetic dentist who performs veneers and crowns. He is a dentist who creates long-term solutions that can alleviate the condition of his patients. With simple mandibular splint, he is able to protect his patients from possible deaths and other serious illnesses.

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