In the past, gum lifting or Laser Gum Treatment was only done to repair problems brought about by gum disease. Today, however, Laser Gum Treatment has become a popular cosmetic dental procedure that involves sculpting and raising the gum line to achieve a better frame for the teeth, and in turn make them look longer and symmetrical.

Laser Gum Treatment often involves reshaping the gum tissue and/or reshaping the underlying bones for the purpose of creating a more aesthetically pleasing set of teeth. If you do not like having an excessively gummy smile or would simply like to balance out your asymmetrical gum line, then this procedure is for you.

A cosmetic Laser Gum Treatment, removes the tissue from the roof of the mouth, grafting it onto the gum line. The process should give a more youthful, natural appearance to your teeth. However, if your problem is excessive gums that make teeth look short, gum sculpting is the more apt solution. In gum sculpting, a laser is used to remove excess gum tissue, resulting to more exposure of your natural tooth.

While many view gum procedures as purely cosmetic, these surgeries actually have the added benefit of improved gum health. For example, in the case of receding gums, surgery may reduce tooth sensitivity as well as further gum shrinkage—therefore protecting the roots from decay.

However, cosmetic surgery is not for everyone. The surgery may be done in segments, requiring only local anesthetics, but when the entire mouth is being fixed at one time, the patient is put under general anesthesia and conscious sedation to make the procedure more comfortable and pleasant.



An attractive smile is not only composed of beautifully aligned teeth but symmetrically draped gums that frame each tooth. For instance, the two front teeth must have gums with the same height and visually symmetrical contours.

When gum tissue is lower on one front tooth and shorter on the other, it appears as if one is longer than the next, in which case a surgical procedure is recommended so as to fix the unbalanced appearance. A simple gum lift can make a remarkable difference to an unbalanced or a gummy smile.


What is a laser gum treatment?

laser gum treatment is a cosmetic procedure that results in a more appealing smile that looks natural. When laser gum treatments were first invented, they were primarily used to treat oral problems that resulted from gum disease. Therefore, people did it for health reasons, and not because they wanted to have prettier looking teeth. In today’s society, however, people choose to undergo laser gum treatments because they are unhappy with the current look of their smile, so they decide to get the laser gum treatment to get that dazzling smile they see celebrities and models in magazines have.

What happens during a laser gum treatment?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, then a laser gum treatment can help raise your gum line and reshaping it in a way that results in a very natural and beautifully framed smile. The dentist in Los Angeles can also simply remove the excessive amount of gums so that more of your natural tooth will show through. Your teeth will look more appealing because they will be more symmetrical. Plus, if you have the problem where you feel that your gums show too much in your smile, then raising your gums will help make your teeth look longer. On the opposite spectrum, if you feel that you need more appearance of gums in your smile, then the dentist in Los Angeles will remove some of the tissue existing in the roof of your mouth and move it to your gum line. In addition to the appearance of a more flattering smile, it can also help people improve the health of their gums. Extracting some of the tissue from your gums, for example, can make your teeth less sensitive – if that is a concern of yours. Some people may get anxious at the thought of undergoing a cosmetic procedure because of the cost, pain, procedures, among many other things, but there should be nothing to worry about if you choose a good dentist in Los Angeles, like Dr. Mansour Zakhor, to do your laser gum treatmentDr. Zahkor will explain and walk you through the entire process, provide anesthetics for pain, and give provide you with anything else you need to ensure that you are content and comfortable throughout the entire process of the cosmetic procedure.

Signs that you may want to consider getting a laser gum treatment

If you feel that your smile shows too much gums or your smile is not aligned well, a laser gum treatment is suitable for you. If this is the case, then schedule an appointment with a dentist in Los Angeles, like Dr. ZakhorDr. Zahkor is a renowned dentist in Los Angeles who specializes in laser gum treatmentsamong many other cosmetic procedures. Some other procedures like veneersteeth whitening, and dental fillings and root canal treatments are also areas he is very knowledgeable in. Dr. Zahkor is also a fantastic emergency dentist in Los Angeles, so you can go to him for those last-minute teeth cleanings or wisdom teeth extractions. During a laser gum treatment, the dentist in Los Angeles will reshape your gum tissue and the underlying bones if needed, to make your teeth look more appealing when you smile. While many view gumprocedures as purely cosmetic, these surgeries actually have the added benefit of improved gum health. For example, in the case of receding gums, surgery may reduce tooth sensitivity as well as further gum shrinkage—therefore protecting the roots from decay. Even if you are not sure whether a laser gum treatment is right for you or not, contact Dr. Zahkor to schedule an appointment. He is the best dentist in Los Angeles; you can trust him to perform any cosmetic procedure on you.

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