What are some Misconceptions about Veneers?

  1. It’s painful to undergo veneers procedure

    Dr. Zakhor applies a local anesthetic to numb the area so that any pain or discomfort is not felt. A small amount of pressure may be experienced, but patients do not complain of pain from dental veneer application.

  2. Veneers do not look natural

    Patients have a choice sometimes, people opt for a shade of dental veneers that appear too milky white for an unnatural appearance that may seem fake to some. However, the choice is yours in how you want your teeth to appear using a shade guide.

  3.  Teeth are shaved down to little stubs for veneers.

     In certain cases, tooth reshaping is not even needed to apply a dental veneer. These are called no-prep veneers.   However, when polishing and/or reshaping is needed it is often minimal.

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