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They say that it is unfair to judge someone’s appearance, but in reality, people still suffer from embarrassment, bullying and even isolation due to physical imperfections. We consider image as an important layer in our lives. . First impression still holds in this day and age. In Los Angeles nowadays, people would invest in cosmetic surgeries to enhance their beauty. A pool of talented individuals in the cosmetic field has built certain images and lofty standards. Then, the influential and famous celebrities promote these standard looks of beauty from doing cosmetic procedures and enhancements such as face and neck lifts, liposuction and plastic surgeries. Critics equate this “going under the knife” as narcissistic and unnecessary; yet, there is one area that is necessary—cosmetic dental procedures. In 2012, an article on PR News Wire concluded that in a research study, people with straight teeth and beautiful smile are perceived positively as more successful, smarter and have a higher chance of going on a date. People also trust those with attractive teeth. Furthermore, about 57% of American surveyed would rather have great teeth than clear skin; thus, for Americans, having great teeth is essential in their image. With competition in the cosmetic dentistry, there are array of experts in the field. People seek the most trusted professional to get their money’s worth. After all, it is still an investment.

How Talented Is Your Dentist?Emergency Dentist Los Angeles Dr Zakhor

Among the many talented dentists in the city who can improve our smile is Dr. Zakhor, a well-renowned cosmetic and emergency dentist not only in Westwood but also in the entire region of Southern California. He graduated at USC School of Dentistry—gaining world-class curriculum and state-of the-art clinical training. Dr. Zakhor is topnotch and highly trained in application of veneers, braces, crowns, gum reshaping, implants, teeth whitening, and bridges. He utilizes modern technologies in dental treatments such as digital dental photography and high-magnification optics to reduce invasion and pain. Dr. Mansour Zakhor treats some of the famous personalities like Cristina Applegate and Chef Gordon Ramsey of “Hell’s Kitchen.” This Westwood dental group puts customer service at the top of its priority. For one thing, the Zakhor Dental Group offers emergency treatments in cases such as extreme toothaches, broken teeth, loose crowns, loose tooth from violence or accident, and painful impacted wisdom tooth. Aside from a group of caring and talented dentists, Zakhor Dental Group is open 24 hours, seven days a week. Apart from all of these, Dr. Zakhor has a beautiful heart. He serves as a volunteer for USC dental mobile clinic, where he treats underprivilege kids and adolescents. He also acts as a mentor for these kids from small communities.

Is My look That Important?

There are many reasons why people enhance their appearance. It can be to end the harsh judgment that they encounter from other people. It can be to increase their chances of success in their career and love life. Some people do it for social acceptance. Come to think of it, enhancing our appearance is a reflection on how we treat ourselves. However, whenever we enhance our appearance, we should be conscious if our motives are valid or not. We should not forget to draw the line between narcissism and self-esteem.

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