Mouth Guards are custom-fitted teeth and mouth protectors that are especially designed to prevent teeth grinding, as well as to shield the teeth from injury during sports. They are worn over the teeth and are custom fitted in a dental office or laboratory as per dentist’s instructions. To make a mouth piece or mouth guard, an impression of the patient’s teeth is made, and mouth guard is molded over it. Special materials are used to make custom mouth guards, which is why they are much more expensive than generic types that don’t exactly fit your mouth. However, custom made guards provide more comfort and the best protection, as they are especially made for your needs.


In general, mouth guards only cover the upper teeth, but sometimes, a mouth piece for the lower teeth is also recommended, especially if  a patient wears braces or any other type of fixed dental appliance on his or her lower jaw. You can trust your dentist to recommend the best mouth guard to help address your teeth grinding problem and help you protect your mouth from sports-related injuries. The most effective mouth guards are those that resist tears, durable, easy to clean, and most importantly, comfortable. It should not restrict your speech and breathing in anyway. For those who grind their teeth at night, a special type of mouth guard is often recommended, known as a bite splint or nocturnal bite plate, which is very effective in preventing tooth damage.


Mouth Guards in Sports


Mouth-related injuries are more likely to happen without proper precaution. Different types of contact sports like basketball, boxing, football, soccer, ice hockey, and lacrosse, among many, require great physical activity and rough contact, which is recipe for injuries. This is why using a mouth guard while playing such active sports is important to avoid any injuries to the lips, soft mouth tissues, and the tongue, as well as to protect yourself from chipping or breaking your teeth.


Mouth Guards and Braces

Injuries to the face (especially near the mouth area) can damage not only your teeth but your orthodontic and other dental appliances like fixed bridges. This is why having a custom-fitted mouth guard is highly recommended for those wearing braces and other types of dental appliances. This not only protects your mouth and teeth from injury, but saves you the trouble of repeating or replacing expensive dental and mouth work as well.

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