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Pediatric Dentistry

What is a pediatric dentist?

A pediatric dentist is a dentist who specializes in taking care of children’s oral health. Children as young as infants up until around the age of 18 can go see a pediatric dentist for all their dental needs. A pediatric dentist in Los Angeles is not much different from an emergency dentist or any other kind of other dentist in Los Angeles; the only distinction is that they specialize in children’s teeth. A similar comparison would be the difference between a doctor for adults and a doctor for children. Pediatric dentists are still like regular dentists, they just may be more suitable for your child because they specialize in dental care for children. Pediatric dentists in Los Angeles know more about specifics of children’s dental care than your typical emergency dentist in Los Angeles would know.

Why is it important for children to see a dentist?

Children need to begin seeing a dentist beginning from when they are infants because good oral hygiene needs to be kept up from a young age. Once young children start eating solid foods, their parents should look into finding a good pediatric dentist in Los Angeles for them. Because once they start eating adult food, they will have a lot of bacteria buildup beneath the tooth’s surface that need to be cleaned out by a professional pediatric dentist in Los Angeles. Once children reach the age when they start attending school, they will start to a lot of teeth-weakening foods, like chocolate and other sugary treats. Starting to take care of your child’s teeth once they have their first tooth grow in is even better. The sooner you start teaching your child how to keep up good dental hygiene the better. When your child just has one or two teeth grown in, you can just use a gentle wet cloth, and then transition to a regular toothbrush when they get their full set of teeth. Brushing your child’s teeth at home at least twice a day is very important, but so are regular six-month teeth cleanings by a professional pediatric dentist in Los Angeles.

Pediatric dentistry services in Los Angeles

Finding a reputable pediatric dentist in Los Angeles to clean your child’s teeth from a young age is very important. A pediatric dentist will not only help keep your child’s oral health in good condition, but they will also teach you how to take care of your child’s teeth on a day to day basis. Although going to check ups everything six months is very important for maintaining oral health, the everyday things your child does to take care of their teeth is just as important. A good pediatric dentist in Los Angeles can teach you tips like the importance of using fluoride toothpaste for the health of your child’s teeth. Sometimes a pediatric dentist can even prescribe your child with fluoride tablets. The pediatric dentist in Los Angeles will know whether it’s best to prescribe these fluoride tablets to your child or not, and how much they should consume and at what intervals. Once your child turns one year old, you can schedule an appointment for them to see a pediatric dentist in Los Angeles. At this early age a pediatric dentist can help your child make sure that they are doing the right things to maintain their oral health as well as ensure that there are no early stage oral health problems that have arisen or will arise in the future. Getting your child used to the routine of visiting a pediatric dentist every six months for a check up is important because it will get them used to the idea and process of dental visits. If they go to see a pediatric dentist consistently from a young age, then they will be more likely to be comfortable of the process.

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