Why is teeth cleaning important?

Each patient has a different situation, so the types of teeth cleanings vary by person. Dr. Zakhor, a top dentist in Los Angeles, can help you find the best teeth cleaning approach that is suitable for you. Dr. Zakhor can discuss the best procedure for you and how often you should receive these teeth cleanings as well. Scheduling appointments with a dentist in Los Angeles to have your teeth cleaned every six months is very important for your overall oral health. It is also very important in terms of the appearance of your smile because you cannot have a beautiful smile if your teeth and gums are not healthy.

What is Prophy?

Prophy is your typical teeth cleaning procedure that everyone is supposed to undergo ever six months regardless of the health of your teeth. The six month interval checkup is to ensure that the health of your teeth is maintained. These are very important in terms of long term health of your teeth because your teeth can be very healthy at one time and then serious problems can slowly start to arise over time. This type of teeth cleaning is for patients without any major oral health problems, meaning that their mouth is healthy already. Although their teeth are healthy, they just need to get a regular check up to ensure that their teeth stay healthy. It is necessary to take this extra step beyond just the regular brushing your teeth yourself because the tools they use at the dentist are more powerful and can clean deeper. When you get a Prophy teeth cleaning, the doctor removes plaque deep within the tooth’s surface and on the gums to maintain an overall healthy mouth.


What is Full Mouth Debridement?

Full Mouth Debridement is for patients who have gingivitis. Patients with gingivitis disease need to have their whole mouth cleaned of excessive amounts of build-up that have collected on the teeth over time. As you can see, this problem is fixable and not a type of teeth cleaning to worry about too much. A good emergency dentist in Los Angeles can help you with Full Mouth Debridement teeth cleaningFull Mouth Debridement is very important because it helps remove the dangerously excessive amounts of debris to allow for the dentist to proceed with the normal Prophy teeth cleaning procedures. This procedure can be done in one visit and is not too complicated. Your emergency dentist in Los Angeles can explain the procedures to you and walk you through the entire process.

What is Scaling and Root Planning (SRP)?

Scaling and Root Planning is the most extensive, complicated, and serious form of teeth cleaning offered by Dr. Zakhor in Los AngelesScaling and Root Planning teeth cleaning does not require undergoing surgery, but it is still definitely the most serious of the three kinds of teeth cleaning offered out there. Scaling and Root Planning helps remove existing plaque build up, often using laser therapy and antibiotics. Scaling and Root Planning takes time because it cannot be done at one time; it needs to be done over a course of time. This is because more work needs to be done since the dentist in Los Angeles needs to clean the surfaces both above and below your gum line. Patients who need a Scaling and Root Planning procedure done must undergo it because a normal Prophy teeth cleaning will not do. Scaling and Root Planning is more intense and exactly what patients with teeth and gums that are not in healthy shape have to undergo to save their oral health.

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